10 Reasons to Date a Cricketer

As you may or may not know, the cricketer is a different species to most men altogether. After years of scientific study, it’s been proven that he is the safest bet of all the sportsmen out there. Having dated a few of said species myself, I strongly recommend you seek out this experience.

I was wooed, one day, by a rather good-looking batsman who wrote a letter to me whilst he was waiting to go into bat. He had been watching me from afar. He got his team bus driver to deliver it as he went in to bat. To this day it’s been the most romantic thing a man has ever done for me although I still feel slightly guilty that on that day he was run out before even facing a ball and ended up getting sledged pretty badly because of it!

This is for all you ladies who are either contemplating finding their own cricketing Prince Charming or those who have already bagged one and need reassurance of why you’re with the bugger in the first place!

  1. He’s an expert under the covers
  2. Ask for a third man and he’ll give it to you
  3. He can last for 5 days
  4. He can play into any gap
  5. He always takes excellent care of his middle stump
  6. He’ll put everything he’s got into the partnership
  7. He loves a bit of bounce
  8. He’ll sweep and polish even when he doesn’t need to
  9. His stroke play and 4-play know no boundaries
  10. He doesn’t mind using technology

What might put you off…

  • He’ll do a full toss in front of everybody
  • He might be into swinging
  • He may get through 10 partners in one day

As you can see from the scientific evidence collated over the years, the good outweighs the bad so I strongly recommend putting down that magazine with all those naughty footballers in and hotfooting it to a cricket ground in your best dress, lip gloss in hand.

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