When do You Tell a Guy You’re a Cricket Buff?

Sexy and geeky about cricket? What more can a man want?

Sexy and geeky about cricket? What more can a man want?

This point is absolutely vital in a successful relationship. The simple answer to this question is Never. You should never come out and say you’re a huge cricket fan who knows everything about the game.

There’s so much to learn in this sport, this sort of statement will send the chap running for the hills! He may also become very intimidated. Either that or mistake you for a statto and escape through the bathroom window of the restaurant on the first date! It’s all about what you say and when you say it. The best way to teach you is through a first date scenario. Allow me to begin.

Meet Matt and Sarah

Matt arrives at Sarah’s house at exactly 7:45 like they’d arranged, but Sarah isn’t quite ready. Matt waits in the hallway as Sarah finishes off what she’s doing on her Sky+ box. She makes a passing comment on how what she’s recording requires too much memory space and has to delete her Glee episodes to her dismay. Matt smiles.

What is Sarah doing? She’s preparing to record an Ashes Test match without actually telling him. It subtly makes Matt think what on earth could she be recording that’s so long? Not to mention dropping hints that soon she’ll need to buy the Glee dvd boxset. Two birds, one stone.

Sarah locks the front door and they head for his brand new sports car which is parked on the road. Sarah smiles and runs her hands along the bonnet of the car.

“Mmm, good lines, good length.” She says just before getting in the passenger’s seat.

What is Sarah doing? Subtly dropping in a comment that’s usually said at a cricket match about a bowler’s bowling style. This makes Matt think ahh funny she should say it like that, you’d swear she was commentating!

After arriving at the posh, French restaurant, Matt asks Sarah where she’d like to sit. “Let’s take guard over there.” She says, pointing to the table by the window. “Howzat?” Matt gives a wry smile, nods his head and leads her to their table.

What is Sarah doing? Watering the cricket seed that she’s already planted in his head, that’s what! At this point Matt is questioning to himself as to whether she’s making these cricket references on purpose.

As the night goes on, Matt and Sarah realise they have more and more in common than they thought. They both like Michael Buble, Harry Potter films and walks along the beach. All of a sudden, Matt decides to ask Sarah a difficult question. “So what do you look for in a guy?”“Ooh you’ve got me stumped there!” She replies. “Well I don’t like a defensive guy. He’s got to be quite forward. Someone who’s into developing a good partnership. I know that this is a bit of a silly point but I do like fine legs!”

What is Sarah doing? In just one simple answer, she’s included SIX cricket references, and if Matt hasn’t worked out by now that she knows her stuff then Matt’s probably been hit in the head one too many times!

Matt and Sarah have a little giggle about her answer. In fact, Matt is so impressed with Sarah’s wit and subtleties that following the date, Matt goes online and books their next one which takes place in their own private box in the R. Primadasa Stadium in Sri Lanka ready to watch the Cricket World Cup!

You see girls? This is how to play it. Don’t be a geek and dazzle him with stats, and don’t give too much away so he can’t dazzle you back with his own cricket knowledge. It’s all about the balance. Men like to feel in charge when it comes to sport discussions, so let him have his moment!

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