Guilty Pleasures

To me, cricket is just like S&M. Saying you like S&M is not something you tell everyone because you fear their reaction – it’s exactly the same with cricket. Cricket is my guilty pleasure. Fact. I love to talk about it but not everybody wants to hear about it. This got me thinking, everyone must have a guilty pleasure, which makes it ok for me to secretly (or not-so-secretly these days) love cricket. I’ve compiled a list below of some of the best guilty pleasures I’ve come across in the past week. Some are mine and some are from friends and family. If you’ve got any weird and wonderful ones of your own then please comment, I’d love to read about them.


  1. Trying the door handle 9 times after I lock the front door
  2. You-Tubing fat kids falling over
  3. Kissing in a lift
  4. Adding celebrities on Facebook
  5. Ann Summers Online
  6. Flirting with cute guys in sports cars next to me at the traffic lights
  7. Lemon Curd and Peanut Butter on a big spoon
  8. Vanessa Feltz
  9. Gardening Tools
  10. Sundried tomatoes
  11. ‘Accidently’ dropping something in front of a hot guy
  12. Films about cheerleading
  13. Using the Google talking translation dictionary to say naughty words
  14. South African accents
  15. High School Musical Trilogy
  16. Colour coding my diary
  17. Going commando
  18. Sneaking round the house like a spy after watching an action film
  19. Teaching myself the dance moves to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance
  20. Webcams
  21. Beeping behind learner drivers to scare them
  22. Collecting football cards and pretending I’ve confiscated them from kids in school
  23. Pretending to be an Australian Vineyard-heir on a night out to get free drinks from men
  24. Playing pre-recorded voiceovers of myself in the background so I can pretend I’m in a TV show
  25. Re-arranging fruit bowls to make them look cheeky
  26. Red 19 and Black 26
  27. Setting my alarm 27 minutes earlier so I can press snooze exactly 3 times
  28. Playing Angry Birds
  29. Changing your Satnav voice to The Don and pretending you’re in a mafia movie
  30. Screaming “Get back to Sunday League, Ref!” at football matches ’cause I heard some dude shout it one day

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