Decide Already!

I usually like to think of myself as a pretty strong-minded person but as I get older I’m realising that I sit on the fence more and more. I can’t make decisions so easily – maybe because I think more about the repercussions – it can’t be that I’m getting more sensible! From my ‘safe haven’ on my hypothetical fence I like to watch the brave fight it out whilst I sit comfortably knowing full well that surely no negative outcome is possible while I’m up here.



This needs to change. A world without difficult decisions would be boring indeed.  We might all still be with our first ever boyfriend/girlfriend, thus not exploring the many other fine specimens out there. We might still be driving our first car, resulting in only the youngest of us actually looking cool on the road.

So I’ve decided, I’m going to think of a load of random, difficult questions, think about them carefully and then come up with an honest answer. From this day forth, I will be making decisions! Your challenge is to make these difficult decisions at the same time as reading them. The more you make, the higher you score. There’s no prize, just personal satisfaction that you’re not a pushover and know exactly what you want! Feel free to comment on this blog if you can think of any interesting, difficult questions of your own!


1.      No more sunny days or incurable hiccups? Oh my gosh why the hell did I start this stupid blog? Already I can’t decide! Uhh… I’ll have to go with incurable hiccups. Hiccups don’t usually affect my mood like the weather does. In fact, I don’t really mind hiccups. I can live with the anticipation of when’s the next one coming? Would be a pain in the ass when kissing though!


2.      Allergic to women’s clothes or allergic to chocolate? Ooh this is tough. Chocolate is the love of my life but I really don’t think I could live in a world where I don’t get to wear dresses so I’ll have to say allergic to chocolate – oh it pains me!


3.      Hair that straightens on its own in one hand clap or a year-round tan? A year round tan can be achieved from a bottle easily enough so I’ll gladly give up wasting 2 hours of my life at a time making my hair straight! I choose the hand clap!


4.      Permanent green lipstick or hair that doesn’t grow? I think I’ll take the permanent green lipstick. I know you can buy wigs but I just couldn’t deal! Although saying that I’d probably become some sort of sci-fi icon!




5.      No more GLEE or banned from attending live musicals? Arrrggghhh! I’ll probably get a ribbing for this but I just can’t give up my GLEE fix. Sorry world. This season, I’m mostly enjoying Sam’s mouth.





6.      No eyelashes or an inability to drive? As much as I love my eyelashes I couldn’t possibly give up driving – I like to think of myself as Jeremy Clarkson’s new Stig incarnate.


7.      Party with Lady Gaga or having my hair done professionally for free each morning? I’ve always dreamed about having my own personal hairdresser but my need to party with the legend that is Lady Gaga is too great. Gaga, I choose you!





8.      No facebook or no youtube? These are two of my favourite sites on the net but when I think more deeply about it, I’m a little social butterfly so I’ll choose the ‘book. I’ll just settle for enjoying my own drunken videos on my phone!


9.      10 minutes in a hot tub with Bradley Cooper or a free new car every year? I love supercars so my first instinct would be the free new cars but I think I’m just too drawn to the Bradley Cooper hot tub fantasy of mine. I choose Bradley!





10.  Being chosen as a participant in Strictly Come Dancing or a weekly spot on Celebrity Juice? I love both these shows but I think my dancing skills do surpass my ability to be funny so I’ll take Strictly!



Can you think of any more?

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