The Fellowship of the Spin

Whoop whoop! I have finally found some more lady cricket bloggers out there! I thought I was the only one of my species! All you fantastically beautiful ladies out there who plan on making an effort to get into the beautiful game, please check out 

My mission this summer is to get as many women as I can to the cricket grounds around the UK, and eventually around the world! (I don’t do things by halves!) The 3 billion women of Earth all need to experience cricket at some point in their lives.

Long gone are the days when women just go to make their husband’s a cucumber sandwich. Nowadays, there’s athletic men, sunshine, cocktails, music, chanting, the list is endless!  Of course in mentioning these things I am of course referring to the shorter matches like Twenty20 and One Day Internationals. Test matches are a bit more reserved and for the more hardcore cricket fan. One step at a time girls!

The Swalec Stadium


So at first, I urge you all to check out a one-day match. Be it at your local village ground or your nearest County stadium. The weather’s been gorgeous lately so I plan to be gracing the Swalec Stadium in Cardiff, Wales with my presence on Saturday to support my local County team Glamorgan. If anyone wishes to join me for a session in the sunshine, supping on wine and in the presence of some pretty fine specimens on the field then let me know.

Me in my Western Mail Photo Shoot, March 2011

I repeat: IT IS MY MISSION this year to get more women to cricket grounds. WHY? Because cricket is a GREAT game which has taken a back seat for FAR TOO LONG. Pre-2005 I couldn’t stand the game! Didn’t understand it. Didn’t want to. All it took was 2 hours of an exhilarating Ashes Test match between England and Australia and I was hooked. I FELL IN LOVE WITH A SPORT.

Cricket is deep. Cricket is complex. Cricket is passionate. Just like us.

If you have a spare 7 quid lying around and you want to brush up on the rules and players, check out my ebook on and click on “Stacey Harris” – i’m in the Freelance Coaching Panel, smiling away. Input your details and away you go. It’ll de-mystify this occasionally daunting sport, putting it into a language more familiar to us modern woman types!

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