Tweet Tweet! Tweet Tweet!

Ahhhh, the joys of

Launched on 15th July 2006 and as from March 2011 has over 200 million users worldwide.

I joined this site back on 19th May 2010 thinking, there’s no way on this earth that I will ever prefer this over Facebook! But #letmetelew how times have changed! With the gradual rise of my cricket ebook for ladies “Point to Fine Leg” so has my love for this piece of social networking gold. Up until my appearance on BBC Wales and BBC London back in April I had 25 followers. It’s now 13th May 2011 and I’m sitting pretty with 132.  Ok, it’s not hundreds like the average blogger, or thousands like the average cricketer, or tens of thousands like the average international cricketer or footballer, or millions like the average pop/film star. But for a budding author, only just over a month after releasing my first book, i’ll take it!

It turns out, if you’re on facebook, you can chat, share photos and write embarrassing comments on your friend’s wall. If you’re on Twitter, you’re ‘dialled in.’ You’ve got a hotline to the world. It’s as if you’re a fly on the wall in a changing room full of celebrities and every now and again you can form speech and talk to one of them. Used correctly, you can get your voice heard by literally millions of people! That would take some skill though. You’ve got to think carefully about what you write.

“Just bought a new coat #nevercoldagain” and “It’s raining #lostmybrolly” just won’t cut it. In fact that’s probably a way to LOSE followers. Don’t BORE people to death, be creative!

Anyways, after tweet after tweet I finally started spreading word of my ebook around. My followers would tell their followers and so forth.

You’re probably wondering why i’m telling you all this. It’s not to blow my own trumpet with my Twitter skills, but to let all you cricket fans out there – AND girls who feel they MAY have a slight curiousity in the game seeing as there’s so many new cricket hotties around these days – know that I will be giving regular cricket updates from the matches I will be attending this summer, both at club, county and international level. I’ll try to offer these up with my own little quirky twist so they don’t sound the same as every other cricket tweeter out there!

Finally, before I go, I’m going to encourage all you Twitter fans and Twitter virgins out there to get on this bandwagon. Follow me, i’m LilMissAshes. Also, below, I’ve put some of my followers down who have helped my so far in my Point to Fine Leg quest. They always give good tweets and definitely deserve a follow. They range from hilarious people, clubs, media and sportsmen. The more you follow, the more followers you’ll get! #rememberflyonthewall

@o_thomas, @Benedict_B, @gorseinoncric, @PVcricketcoach, @StuDavies, @Andrew2Davies, @gazg2000, @crickettenet, @EdBevanCricket, @surreycricket, @GlamCricket, @RDBCroft10, @PirateCricket, @thegingerswan, @goodcricktwickt, @DinasPowysCC,  @AlisonMitchell, @NeilFairbairn

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