Gotta Love Self-Promotion…

G’d evening Planet.

I’ve decided to turn my laptop on and just write. About what? I don’t know. Have you ever just got into the car and decided to go for a drive? Well this is the literary equivalent. Most of my last week I’ve spent detoxing, God knows why because it’s bloody awful! But somehow, I’ve got so so much energy, too much – some might say! I’ve got to be up at 6 tomorrow for work and I’m still about 3 days from a good night’s sleep. Geeeeeez. So what I’m going to do is just chat to you, like you’re sitting right in front of me with a glass of wine. Screw you detox…

So ebook is going well. Still trying to get it out there and known by more and more people as it’s still small fry at the moment. Believe it or not it’s actually easier to spread a stupid, pointless, made-up rumour to thousands of people than it is to get people to download your ebook! For the last 6 months I’ve been trying to convince people that all pigeons are bi-sexual and that all lobsters are left-handed.

And just a quick reminder to all you cricket/Stacey/LilMissAshes supporters out there who haven’t bought my ebook yet? (Which I will remind you is only 7 quid!) Now is your time to really show me how much you want to a) get into cricket b) learn about cricket c) see more women at cricket matches d) support you lovable, adorable and modest friend Stacey or e) fill your sad, empty ibooks shelf on your ipad. Just click on this link and then click on my face. Easy as pie.

Now IS the time to get into cricket, people. The world cup has just finished, yes, but for all you Brits out there, the cricket season has begun. I believe in positive thinking that makes positive things happen. I’m sure it’s something to do with physics… You think of and wish for lovely, hot, sunny weather and it’ll happen! BBQs on the boundary line are the way forward as I learned watching the Port Talbot Pirates last week. Bacon smell on the boundary = Big sixes. Now that IS physics!

Curious to know what you all though of my first venture into cricket presenting in last week’s YouTube Eps. 8.  I admit I was nervous, and you can tell in my voice at the very beginning, but I can honestly say I actually LOVED it. It combined my 2 favourite things: cricket and talking. If there was some kind of chocolate involved at some point then I’d have been in my own personal little fantasy. Notice how I haven’t said it’s because of the men? So proud of myself! I’m hoping this summer to get some videos done for my website. I think that maybe I need to interview some male cricketers on what they think of women and cricket. These questions were answered in my ebook by Glamorgan CCC and Gorseinon CC, with some INTERESTING results! Once again though, thank you to for involving me!

Oh, oh, another thing. In case you haven’t read my upcoming media section, I shall be on Test Match Sofa (@TestMatchSofa) on Friday 27th May after 11:00 – for those of you who aren’t aware of what this is, this is online cricket commentary, but with a hint of spice. #justhowIlikeit. I’ll be chatting about the England/Sri Lanka match which will be being played at The Swalec Stadium, Cardiff and having a good natter about my ebook Point to Fine Leg so you can have a good listen to see what it’s about before you make a purchase.

Before I sign off, I’d like to let you all know if you didn’t already, that I’m on Twitter as @LilMissAshes and will be tweeting all summer from cricket matches, local, county and international about what’s ‘going down’ there. They’re not your usual match updates you get from the media, but something oddly interesting and different with a feminine and spicy twist. You can guarantee that there’s not one out there coming out with the random, quirky crap that passes my lips. I’ll keep you entertained. Also, I’m a very kind tweeter and will talk back to anyone. I’m all for the retweet!

So remember:

1. All pigeons are bi-sexual

2. All lobsters are left-handed

3. Buy my ebook and follow me on Twitter (help get  more girls interested in the beautiful sport!)

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