Twenty20 Vision

Today is the first day of the 2011 Twenty 20 Matches, with Hampshire and Somerset kicking it all off at The Rose Bowl. For those who are unaware of this fantastic new invention (well, 2003, so not that new anymore) it is a match lasting approximately 3 and a half hours, involving 2 teams who both have 20 overs each to get the highest score they can. How does this differ from test cricket you may have watched recently? It’s basically a nightclub in a field. You don’t get batsmen taking about 40 balls to score 10 runs, you usually get them taking about 10 balls to score 40 runs. Every ball bowled is a chance for him to swipe it for 4 or 6. The great thing is, every time he does, you can have a little boogie on down in the crowd to the 200-decibel tunes pumping out of the speakers. My mate and I have invented our own little hand/dance movements to do every time this happens! I’m sure the Umpires will eventually convert to this… I’ll have to get pictures up on here for you all to learn!


It’s not just the batsmen who can have a ball mind, no pun intended. The bowlers literally have only 120 balls to get 10 players out. They’re fired up and want to restrict the batsmen to as low a score as possible. With the batsmen trying to whack every ball into oblivion and the bowler either trying to take the batsman’s head off of smash the stumps in half, it makes for a VERY INTERESTING match to watch, especially if you are just getting into cricket.

Twenty20 cricket is now played internationally – you’ll see England and Sri Lanka playing it on 25th June at Bristol. Today however is the first day of the Twenty20 matches this season in the UK so I am blogging now to urge you all to go along and support your respective counties. My mission this year is to get as many people to cricket grounds as possible so I will be doing all I can to publicise these events.

Girls, if your man is fan, and you’re keen to get involved, one of these matches is what you should be watching. Test cricket can be intense but is mainly enjoyed by the true fan. If you’re looking to ease yourself into the sport, then this is the way to go.



This summer I shall be attending as many as possible. I will be there in the crowd, cheering my boys on, cocktail in hand, dancing to every boundary ball and wicket, and chances are, I will be dancing the rest of the night away straight after! But that’s just me.

I’m going to use this moment to give a shout out to the Glamorgan boys ready for their first match of their Twenty20 campaign which takes place this Friday 3rd June at 19:30 against Middlesex. A packed stadium at Cardiff is an incredible thing to witness. I’ve been to many cricket grounds throughout the UK but there’s something special about the atmosphere in The Swalec Stadium that other clubs just haven’t rivalled yet, in my opinion anyway – I’m open to free tickets from other grounds if you’d like to try and change my mind!

Consider this blog my plea to

a) The Welsh

b) Ladies who want to get into cricket

c) Men who want their ladies to get into cricket

d) Glamorgan/Middlesex fans

e) Anyone who just LOVES the sport!

Oh, and did I mention it’s Elvis night on Friday?

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