The Bucket List

I’m sure everybody has started making a bucket list at some point in their lives. For those of you who are thinking What on earth is a bucket list? it’s a list of things you need to do/accomplish before you ‘kick the bucket!’

I have been meaning to blog this for some time now but never got round to it until last night when something happened. I finally got the chance to tick off number 1, right at the top of my list when I failed. I was at the Swalec Stadium watching Glamorgan v Kent playing Twenty20 when the Glammy captain hit a MAHUSIVE six. No prizes for guessing that number one on my bucket list is to catch a six in the crowd. Sadly, I failed, live on TV. I dropped the ball, bruising my right hand in the process. To add insult to literal injury, I was informed later on that had I had taken the catch successfully then I would’ve won a Honda Jazz! I can assure you, none of my friends have let me forget it! I certainly do have a lot more respect to those poor fielders on the boundary who are expected to catch these ‘bombs’ all the time!


Screwing up the catch...


Looking grumpy after dropping it!


Right, enough of my whinging, time for the list. This isn’t the whole list, just the beginning. Some of them may make you think hmm yes, that’d be on mine too but other may just make you think I’m a weirdo…

  1. Catch a six at a cricket match
  2. Jump off the Bluepool Rock into the sea down the Gower
  3. Drive an Aston Martin DB9
  4. Go Scuba Diving
  5. Go skiing
  6. Have a picnic at the top of Table Mountain
  7. Make a YouTube video that has over 1 million hits
  8. Dance in the rain
  9. Drive across America in a convertible
  10. Run through a cornfield
  11. Ride in a gondola in Venice
  12. Stay up all night talking under the stars
  13. Get backstage at a music festival
  14. Commentate for Sky Sports Cricket
  15. Go to Australia

Bluepool Rock

Like I said, I’ve got many more. At least if I achieve one a year then I’ll have completed this first 15 by the time I reach 42! And be proud of me, only 2 of these are cricket-related!

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