Rain Stops Play. AGAIN!

ARGH!!! What is with this sodding UK weather? Spring and summer seem to have totally swapped weather plans. It’s worrying that we may have already had our summer back in April and there’s just tosh to come. Remind me again why I haven’t emigrated to Australia?

Sorry for the rant, it’s probably the same sort of rant you hear everyday from someone so I’ll get back to what I know best – enjoying life whatever the hell happens! 😀

I took my buddy Sas to the Swalec Stadium in Cardiff last night to try and get her into cricket. I was thinking, Twenty20 = the way to convince girls that cricket is amazing. This became a bit difficult seeing as we only saw one over before the players came off for the night due to heavy rain. All I can say is, lucky she got to enjoy the view of the players warming up before hand. Got to pre-heat the oven and whatnot!

This is Sas and I sitting in our stand – which we had all to ourselves FYI – dressed as Welsh rugby players (it was Welsh night) wearing amazing giant rain poncho condoms that would have kept the Titanic dry. Amazing inventions… Poor Sas got caught by the TV camera while I was on my way to the shop looking a little less impressed… Oh well. I will not give up on my efforts to get more girls into cricket. Tuesday night at the Swalec brings Essex to play Glamorgan which is always a good one. Although I know players on both sides this time, my loyalties however will always remain with my home boys. I have saved up a big hug however for Mark, the coolest cricket team bus driver since sliced bread’s days behind the wheel…

One perk of the night though, apart from seeing the adorable Dave Coaches again, was chatting to some guys who knew about me and my blog. Always nice. I’m sure world domination will come one day…


If any ladies out there wish to join me and my girls Tuesday night then give me a holler on Twitter: follow @LilMissAshes to find out what we get up to. It’s live on sky and i’m determined to redeem myself and actually CATCH a six this time! Alviro, i’m ready when you are!

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