Twenty20 Drinking Game

For this blog I have combined two of my favourite past times, Twenty20 and drinking games. If you are one of the thousands who have been watching and enjoying Twenty20 cricket this year, then spice up your match with my T20 drinking game. How much of your drink you drink depends on what you see. The rules are as follows:

Someone dropping a 6 in the crowd – 2 fingers

T20 dancers/cheerleaders – 2 fingers

Commentator/MC pronouncing a player’s name wrong – 2 fingers

Dave Coaches from Gavin and Stacey – 2 fingers

The famous Give us a Wave chant – 2 fingers

Players dancing in the dugout when they think no one is watching – 3 fingers

Someone catching a 6 in the crowd – 3 fingers

Someone getting a row for moving behind the bowler’s arm – 3 fingers

Spongebob Squarepants fancy dress – 3 fingers

A mascot falling over – 4 fingers

Batsmen patting each other’s backsides after a 4 or 6 – 4 fingers

A player actually hitting the one stump during fielding practice before play – 5 fingers

Hairy Streaker – Your entire drink



Hopefully I’ve added an extra dimension to your time at the cricket. I do however apologise to every single groundstaff member around the world who is cursing me right now for all the pint-snakes they’re going to have to chase through the stands this summer!

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