When All is Said and Dunn

My little impromptu blog tonight isn’t cricket-related in anyway whatsoever, but I just needed to take 5 minutes out of my day to write it. This is in memory of a globally-appreciated reality TV daredevil, and one of the most well-loved red-heads in the world, Ryan Dunn (June 11 1977 – June 20 2011).



Best known for his contributions to MTV’s Jackass, he’ll be missed by the millions of Jackass fans around the world who have tuned in to his crazy antics with Johnny Knoxville and the rest of the boys over the years since the millennium began.



Arguably most famous for his final stunt in the first Jackass movie which involved a toy car, a condom, lube and an x-ray. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination! #comedygenius

Anyway, my thoughts go out to Ryan’s family and friends. Ryan, we’ll miss you loads. You were one of my guilty pleasures! You were, and always will be, a legend!

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