Enter the Dragon…

No, I’m not talking about the Bruce Lee film; I’m talking about the fact the one county team that Wales has just properly entered the Twenty20 competition race. Up until last night, we had won twice but that was against the same team. We were Middlesex-beaters, but Middlesex alone. After one of the best Twenty20 comebacks I’ve ever watched on the county scene, we are now top-of-the-table Sussex-beaters too.



All you folks out there who weren’t there last night or haven’t been following Glamorgan CCC in the Twenty20s this year, you need to sit up and take notice – it’s not too late to start. Glamorgan are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Now for the chicken and egg question: Do teams become great and then suddenly develop a new following or do teams have the fans already and then become great. Who knows? But I will say this. Essex play at Chelmsford, at the Ford County Ground which is often referred to as a fortress. Why? Because it’s always a packed-out house. Historically, away teams never do very well there, because it’s so intimidting! I spent the majority of Tuesday night’s T20 match against Essex chatting to Marc, the Essex team bus driver who told me how fantastic their home fans are. We should be doing this too.

Now just imagine if we were able to create the same effect at the Swalec Stadium, Cardiff? The Ford County Ground’s capacity is 6500. As an Ashes ground, the Swalec’s is 16000. I’m not saying we have to sell every single ticket, I mean, let’s be realistic here. But a 10000-full ground would be just as effective. With the passion of the Welsh (and kind English fans who support Glammy too) and with that quantity of people, we have the potential to become one of the most feared grounds to play at, and not just because of the weather!



Ask yourself, how well do you want your team to perform? Last night the boys proved that even a ground with a few hundred people can spur them on. Every 4, every wicket, was not just for them but for their supporters too, however many there were. Simon Jones re-iterated this when he involved the crowd in his wicket celebration, and they loved it! This did not go un-noticed by me. They give to us, so we need to stop tearing them down and criticising, we need to give something back. This year we have the potential to go all the way so now’s the time to start.

Friday 1st July is Glamorgan Dragons vs. Surrey Brown Caps at the Swalec with a 19:30 start. Most of you will have finished work by 5, and a lucky few of you may be Friday work-skivers. That’s plenty of time to get to the ground and begin building our army. Imagine you’re Surrey, the poshest of county teams walking down the steps into an arena of screaming fans? I like to call it the Gladiator effect. Alviro would be Russell Crowe…

I myself will be creating a facebook event and inviting about 800 people. Doubt they’ll all come but it’s a start. I’m trying. What can you do? You don’t need to do a facebook event, just get there yourself, take family or a group of mates – it IS Friday night after all. Plenty of good times to be had. Did I mention it’s also ABBA night? Contemplating wearing my little seventies dress and tearing up the dance floor (tarmac by the bar!) I’m always bloody freezing though so may just take my new sexy little Mike Powell Benefit 2011 hoody. The £35 went to his charity, and it’s the cwtchiest thing I’ve ever put on! Money well spent I say!



Right here, right now, I’m making a plea to my country. Make it a domino effect. I’ll start us off. Each Glamorgan CCC fan who has read this, needs to tell their friends about next Friday, and they need to tell their friends, and then they tell their friends – you get the jyst!

Let’s give our boys that gladiator arena to walk out to.



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