The Bucket List Part Deux

Back in June you may recall me listing the first 15 activities on my Bucket List (things to do before you die). I passed 500 Twitter followers the other day (@LilMissAshes for those who still don’t know) and this reminded me of number 25 on my list. I didn’t achieve it – I’m not famous (yet) – but everybody’s got to start somewhere. You’ll see what I mean when you get to it!  I hope my list inspires you to make one of your own. Life is indeed, too short not to live it to the maximum.

16. Learn to play cricket

17. Swim with dolphins

18. Stand feet either side of the San Andreas Fault

19. BBQ with sexy surfers on Bondi Beach

20. Watch a Wimbledon Final at Centre Court

21. Shout “DAN!” Alan Partridge-style in a crowded car park

22. Helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon

23. Have somebody ask for my autograph, and mean it!

24. Learn some street dance moves

25. Pass 10,000 Twitter followers

26. Become a County Cricket Club Member (you get perks apparently!)

27. Weekend in Vegas

28. Go paintballing

29. Meet Johnny Knoxville

30. Sell 10,000 Point to Fine Leg eBooks

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