Cricket Cockney Rhyming Slang XI

Let’s play a little game. Below I’ve listen 11 international cricketers without actually writing their real names. These players have all come together to make a pretty good world team. The difference is I’ve substituted their names with some made up phrases that semi-rhyme with their actual names. I’ve given a clue next to the phrase as to which country they play for, otherwise this could get a little bit TOO difficult, even for the top cricket buff! If you think you know any, please feel free to comment at the bottom. Some you’ll find pretty straight forward and others will really make you think! The key is not to cheat but googling international squads and having them listed in front of you. Do it from you head!

Remember though, this is just for fun, and you dont actually win anything. Well, maybe a fraction of my respect… #worthmorethanmoney


1. Find your mouse (c)   England

2. Push him mamma   South Africa

3. Cool my can of lager (wk)   Sri Lanka

4. Saw him in Ben’s full car   India

5. All hail the high James Corden, huh?   Sri Lanka

6. Shall we eat cheese feet?   Pakistan

7. Shift the fine man’s dark pole   West Indies

8. Spaniels of glory   New Zealand

9. Choose your sword   England

10. Spag-Bol binger   Australia

11. My tie is bulletproof my son   Sri Lanka

4 thoughts on “Cricket Cockney Rhyming Slang XI

  1. andy77phoenix says:

    1- Strauss, 2- Amla, 3- Jayawardene, 4- Tendulkar, 5- Dishan, 6- Shafiq?, 7- Chanderpaul, 8- Vettori, 9- Broad, 10, Bollinger, 11- Maharoof. Respect??

  2. The_RacingSnake says:

    Beaten to it,I can’t type that fast,struggled with number 7… Strauss,Amla,Kumaaaaaar Sangakaaarrrraa,Tendulkar,Bom diddy bom diddy bom hey Jayawardene,Boom Boom Afridi,Chanderpaul,Vettori,(screams in the background)Stuart Brooooad,(Mr Tumble in disguise)Bollinger,Muralitharan… Added some (stolen) effects for fun!!!

  3. DieHard Cricket Fans says:

    Nice one…

    1. Andrew Strauss

    2. Hashim Amla

    3. Kumar Sangakara

    4. Sachin Tendulkar

    5. Jaywardena

    6. Shahid Afridi

    7. Shivnarayan Chanderpaul

    8. Daniel Vettori

    9. Stuart Broad

    10. Doug Bollinger

    11. Muthiah Murlitharan

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