4-Dayer Drinking Game

After the success of the Twenty20 drinking game blog back in June, I have since decided to design one for the longer format. It was great to hear some of your experiences of the drinking game, thanks to some guys at the Swalec for talking me through their efforts! Sadly though, no one has yet witnessed a hairy streaker for entire drink downage! During the Glamorgan (@GlamCricket) v Surrey (@surreycricket) Twenty20 match at Cardiff this year I saw two random guys rush the field during play but sadly both of them were fully-clothed. All I can say to that is, if you’re going to do something wrong, do it right!

I’ve had to think very carefully about this 4-day drinking game, more so than the Twenty20 (take note: it can be played during Test matches as well as the County Championship matches). It was difficult because the T20 drinking game was designed to get you pretty merry in the 3 hours that T20 lasts. For the longer format you could be watching all day and you don’t want to be hammered before lunch do you? Well, most of you! So sit back, enjoy your match and get drinking if you see or hear some of the following things. Please note – do not try with flasks of coffee – I will not be held responsible for a burned mouth!


  • A Radio Broadcaster sneaking outside the media centre for a cheeky cigarette – 2 fingers


  • A batsman using a runner and then getting run out 5 minutes later – 2 fingers


  • Over-hearing some fielders talking about going to Nandos that evening – 2 fingers


  • The famous “(cricketer’s name) has got a girl arm!” chant – 3 fingers


  • A topless cricketer on the balcony – 3 fingers


  • Someone getting a row off a steward for attempting to walk around the ground during an over – 3 fingers


  • Some poor girl in sunglasses in the crowd being asked by randoms which cricketer she’s sleeping with – 4 fingers


  • A loud crash/bang coming from the changing rooms when a batsman walks back in after being given out incorrectly – 4 fingers


  • A bowler being warned about ‘running on the pitch’ – 4 fingers


  •  An old BBC Cricket theme ringtone going off and echoing round the ground – Your Entire Drink


Even Harry Potter enjoys my drinking game! 'Downus vodka and cokus!'


One thought on “4-Dayer Drinking Game

  1. Marilyn George says:

    Stacey- I was the women next to you at St Helens. Hope you warmed up eventually! looked at your web page and really enjoyed. Good to read about sport without too many stats. Have passed your site onto my daughter and asked her to pass on too. As you say the domino effect is needed,
    Will buy the book for myself and one for my daughter. Good luck with your career. Will spread the word.

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