Cric Tweets!

All my usual blog-readers out there should at least by now either be following me on Twitter (@LilMissAshes) or have set up your own Twitter account and are now following some of your favourite stars. At first I thought this weird, to me it was like legal high-tech stalking, hiding in the pixelated bushes of a cyber back yard – but now I’m understanding the point. Like I’ve said before, it’s your window on the world, and a free way of connecting to the global population!

I’m promoting the tweet again tonight because this week I discovered a website which is the perfect vessel for keeping tabs on all things cricket. The write up from the website:

“Cricket Tweets is the only place to find all of the worlds top cricketers on Twitter. From top players, to teams, to journalists, Cricket tweets has all the inofrmation, gossip and pictures from your favourite Cricketers on Twitter”
I’m also pushing it even more as I am now on there in all my quirky little cricket-writer glory. Right, enough about me (rarely do I say that), there are nearly 600 cricket-tweeter profiles on there for you to follow. You never know, you might have typed in Hershelle Gibbs in the Twitter search bar but inadvertently ended up following  some poor Hershelle Gibbs that guards elk-migration routes in Canada!
Bottom line is, you need to get on there and get following. You call yourself a fan? Sort it out!

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