Swansea City FC Vs. Mumbles CC Charity Twenty20

 Today I was lucky enough to witness a Barclays Premiership Football Club play a Twenty20 match with a South Wales Premier League side, which aimed to raise money for the Swansea Children’s Therapy Centre Support Group. Mumbles Cricket Club welcomed The Swans last season for a T20 match which resulted in a tie, so this game was pretty important!

The Swans batted first and got a valient 206 in their twenty overs with stars of the show Tony Pennock with 61 not out, Joe Allen with 40 and Man of the Match for the second year in a row, Alan Tate with some HUGE sixes at the end, including one measured at 128m – a Mumbles CC record I’ve been informed! I thought this to be an outstanding total for a team who’s main sport involves using your feet and not your hands, but I did hear on the rialto that the Mumbles boys were forbidden from pace bowling and could only bowl spin. Fair enough I suppose. I’m sure in football the ball doesn’t reach speeds of 90mph!

Mumbles reply to this mammoth total started off very well with boundaries galore. I had an Australia v South Africa one-dayer flashback. Sadly this wasn’t to be. Some quality bowling, mixed with a little bit of Umpire leniency when it came to extras, proved to be too much for Mumbles who were tonight without many of their big names like Jim Allenby and Graham Wagg of Glamorgan CCC, as they only reached 166 and lost by 40 runs. Highlight for me however had to be Swansea City’s Dave Cornell in the field. He appealled for everything and jumped around like a Flintoff with ADHD – great for the crowd and showing some great pre-season competitive spirit!

Coach Brendan Rogers giving a prep talk!

After the match I chilled out with Swans vice-captain and defender extraordinaire, Alan Tate and had a quick chat about the beautiful game. Cricket that is! Unknown to most, Tate could be playing for Durham today, as he was a much sought-after wicketkeeper in his teens. He played with Phil Mustard and had the choice. Luckily for Swansea City, Phil turned Middlesborough down and played for Durham whilst Alan followed the football route. He still keeps a close eye on cricket however, hence jumping at the chance to captain his side to Twenty20 victory today, even getting 2 wickets himself – not bad for a wickie!

Tatey and Me!

Before he left though I had to ask him on of the questions from my Point to Fine Leg eBook that I asked GorseinonCC and Glamorgan CCC – “Do you think that cricketers are more manly than footballers?” You can imagine the answer can’t you? An instant no. “Cricketers have to wear pads and a helmet, whilst football you have nothing, it’s a contact sport!”

I also asked what he thought attracted women to football and cricket: “I think girls like watching football because it’s competitive and exciting and obviously they will think one or two of the players are hot. Everyone has their own type. As for cricket, not many girls watch or you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing!” Good point Mr Tate! That leads me on nicely to another plug of my eBook designed to make cricket interesting to the ladies, and a bit of fun for men who long to understand the mind of a woman! Go to www.pitchvision.com/lilmissashes to download a copy for only £7!

Wishing lots of luck to Mumbles CC in their quest for Premier League glory this season and also a big congratulations to the Swans for winning promotion to the Premier League. Good luck boys!

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