Best of the Best – W/C 1st August 2011

Best of the Best is a new type of blog and something that I will be updating weekly. I will be listing my top this and that which reflects the life I live, that week! It’s more of a LIST blog than actual prose but it makes for nice easy reading!

Song of the Week – Last Friday Night (TGIF), Katy Perry

Word of the Week – FORKING (Leaving a fork in an unusual, slightly risky place and photographing it for all to see)

Sports Team of the Week – Glamorgan CCC

Drink of the Week – Skittles Cocktail (purchase from Ten Feet Tall in Cardiff)

Tweet of the Week – Courtesy of @sickoditto – “A pessimist is always alone. An optimist is always two people away from a threesome!”

Film of the Week – Fire in Babylon

Moment of the Week – The realisation that there were topless sportsmen about 100 yards away

Innappropriate Moment of the Week – Crofty having to pick my fork up from the Swalec outfield

Rage of the Week – When some woman accused me of being disrespectful at a cricket ground. Won’t go into detail in public as that would be classless but I was RILED!


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