Cricket-Stop Fortnight

Well hello! Long time no bloggo, again! I’ve really got to stop neglecting this blog in the name of fun… It’s really not been because of my lack of words and opinions, trust me! My last two weeks i’ve just had off work pretty much consisted solely of cricket, interviews and nights out! Not a bad way to spend a fortnight, especially as I have a nice little tan to show for it!


South Wales Evening Post, Thursday 28th July, Front Page



I spent 5 days of week one at the St. Helen’s Cricket Ground in my home city of Swansea. I watched the 4-dayer between Glamorgan CCC and Northants CCC and even got a chance to meet a few of the visiting team, who were absolute gents. That’s one thing I’ll say about cricketers, they’re always a pleasure to talk to with good intellectual conversation (mostly!), they’ll always get a round in and are top for banter! I also enjoyed my boundary banter with the Glamorgan boys. They might have been playing an important game but will always have time for the crowd. Not enough sports do this in my opinion!

My liver seems to have taken a hammering too… I blame the excellent bar service at St. Helens and how easy it was to purchase cider without queue! And possibly free drinks gifted by lovely club cricketers I’ve watched this year.


After-Cricket Drinks!


Thankfully, Day 5 was a Pro40 match between Glamorgan CCC and Notts CCC and started at 13:30 – giving me enough time to nurse my hangover and dispell my karaoke memories from the night before. I needed a clear head as I was lucky enough to have half an hour with top Cricket Broadcaster, Edward Bevan on BBC Wales. I had to pinch myself at one point when I realised I was sitting in a tiny media box with Ed, ex-England opening batsman and journalist Steve James and Glamorgan Legend Don Shepherd. I chatted with Ed about my eBook Point to Fine Leg and it’s success so far. It’s selling nicely online but i’m still waiting for some of my mates who said they’d download it to pull their fingers out and actually DO IT! When I wasn’t on the radio, I was spending 40 overs on the boundary shivering, trying to decide whether or not to steal Nott’s Alex Hales hand warmers. As it turned out later, he had 2 pairs anyway so wouldn’t have missed them! #missedopportunitythere


Me at my beloved Swalec Stadium, Cardiff


Week two took place in Cardiff where my cricket partner in crime Abby (@abbyosullivan on Twitter) put me up in her flat for a week. I’m surprised she even let me through the door with my suitcase and enough clothes for 2 months! It’s difficult knowing what to pack for a cricket match in Wales with our erratic four seasons in one day Welsh weather! Thankfully, Glamorgan CCC vs. Essex CCC at the Swalec Stadium was blessed with about 90% sunshine! I may have the most stupid tan lines ever but hey, totally worth it! Plus, when you’ve got half-naked, hot cricketers sunning themselves on the balcony, my job of convincing more girls to go and watch cricket becomes A LOT easier! I’d like to thank Mark Pettini for that, even if he did tease me about the height of my heels and my obsession with Twitter!


Me and Abby - my cricket partner in crime!


Fair play to Miss O’Sullivan for her skills in the kitchen. Our lunch each day was enough to rival that of Lord’s Cricket Ground in London – although @homeofcricket wasn’t too impressed with our plastic cutlery… touche! However, as I discovered this week, you can have lots of cheeky fun with plastic cutlery at a cricket match – my plastic fork ended up missing the bin entirely and landing on the outfield! This subsequently introduced us and all our Twitter followers to FORKING. This is like planking but uh, with a fork. I expect this to start trending anyday now. #forking

… A big thanks to super spinner and Welsh Prince Robert Croft of Glammy (@RDBCroft10 on Twitter) for removing it from the outfield two days later!


Me and Abby out in Cardiff - Day 3


I must say, i’m pretty impressed with Abby and myself for managing to survive each day without any embarrassing drunken moments. One o’clock lunches at the cricket mean that wine must be consumed from exactly then. Well, it does in my book! We had to be careful not to get too merry though as we were sitting in exactly the same stand as I sat during the Twenty20 where I dropped a six on live TV. It’s scary enough having a 5 and a half ounce cricket ball flying at your head let alone a blurry one!


My beautiful stadium - The Swalec


Another top moment was being interviewed by Dick Davies of BBC Radio Essex about my eBook and my views on how we can get more women to watch cricket. It was great fun (I can talk for Wales) and Dick was an absolute gent. I’m pretty sure I compared him to George Clooney on air? Then again I also compared Mark Church of BBC Radio London to Brad Pitt on air too! Going to get a reputation for sweet-talking Cricket Broadcasters if I’m not careful!


Look how much wine the lovely bartender put in my cup!


All in all, an excellent two weeks cricket. I feel as if I’ve been on holiday, not 40 miles down the motorway! In fact, when I got home Friday night, I’m pretty sure I tweeted the majority of the lyrics to Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night song in honour of a wild fortnight!

Sadly, I’ve only got 1 more live match this season due to work commitments, on Sunday 14th August I shall be at the Swalec Stadium one last time to watch Glamorgan CCC vs. Somerset CCC in the Pro40 competition. Good luck to the Glam Drags! I turn 28 this Tuesday so i’ll probably still be drowning my sorrows!


Cocktail in Bar Orient, looking pensive!

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