Best of the Best – W/C 8th August 2011

Song of the Week – She Makes Me Wanna, JLS – I have been randomly singing this song all week and MIGHT have got caught dancing to it outside the bank…

Word of the Week – “Retweet” – Those of you who follow me on Twitter (@LilMissAshes) will know that I have probably asked for about 50 retweets from cricketers and sports journalists/broadcasters this week for book promotion purposes. Yes, I apologise for clogging up your newsfeeds!

Sports Team of the Week – England Cricket Team – Congratulations boy on becoming world number one! Now let’s stay there!

Drink of the Week – South African white wine – I can’t remember what it’s called, I just know that, in the words of Michael MacIntyre, it can get me “farmed” after just 2 glasses!

Tweet of the Week – Courtesy of Notts CCC batsman @alexhales – “Gone from one end of the spectrum to the other with accents. Welsh is immense, and after being near Birmingham, can’t say the same for them!” Woohoo, points for the Welsh accent!

Film of the Week – Pulp Fiction – never gets old!

Moment of the Week – Hearing “Hymns and Arias” (a Welsh Song) being sung in Manchester on TV as Swansea City played their first Premiership match of the season, against Man City.

Inappropriate Moment of the Week – Having my back massaged in work by a mate using a ‘massage starfish’ and making the most inappropriate noises in front of my work colleagues! #shamed

Rage of the Week – Hearing a small gaggle of drunken Somerset CCC fans singing “The Welsh are Scum!” at the Swalec Stadium in Cardiff as Glamorgan CCC plaued Somerset CCC in the Pro40 match. They embarrassed the other lovely Somerset fans in the ground and ticked me RIGHT OFF!

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