The George Clooney XI vs. The Matt Damon XI

Those of you who have read my eBook Point to Fine Leg or my Spin Cricket Online article will have heard of my fabulous fictitious team made up of movie stars. Recently, I had a follower on Twitter – who wishes to remain anonymous as he can’t hack the fame a blog mention brings – challenge my team to a match.

If you’re yet to meet my team, check out the Spin Cricket link above to read up on my boys. In the meantime, let me introduce you to The George Clooney XI’s opposition: The Matt Damon XI, offered up by my mystery follower.

Openers: Matt Damon and Ben Affleck – They know each other’s game inside out and always make great partnerships. Go together like carrots and peas.

Number 3: Daniel Day-Lewis – Best in the business! Won everything. Done it all and smashed all records for fun. Consistent and always reliable. Considered on of the greatest ever.

Number 4: Robert Downey Jr. – Doesn’t get intimidated by the short ball as he’s got good protection (Iron Man) Great to watch. Plays flamboyant shots.

Batting All-Rounder: Jamie Foxx – Mainly a batsman but tries his hand at everything. Insane fielder!

All-Rounder: Will Smith – The talisman. Inspirational on his day and the fans favourite. A man you’d pay to watch.

Wicketkeeper: Tom Cruise – Little nutcase and tenacious! Good hands and useful with the bat.

Spinner: Ben Kingsley – Started his career in India and learned his trade (Gandhi). Mystery spinner. Can perform on all surfaces.

Swing Bowler: Edward Norton – When the conditions are in his favour and he’s the leading man there is nobody better. Doesn’t like playing the supporting role.

Opening Bowler 1: Denzel Washington – The deadliest and most feared in the business. A joy to behold in full flow. Can also hold up an end when batting at allow others to excel.

Opening Bowler 2: Michael Clarke Duncan – Monster of a man! Intimidating and aggressive. All the attributes of a world class fast bowler.

So the teams are as follows:

The George Clooney XI


Captain Clooney


George Clooney (c)

Antonio Banderas

Russell Crowe

Brad Pitt

Robert Pattinson

Johnny Depp

Ashton Kutcher (wk)

Hugh Grant

Pierce Brosnan

Colin Farrell

Daniel Craig


The Matt Damon XI


Captain Damon


Matt Damon (c)

Ben Affleck

Daniel Day-Lewis

Robert Downey Jr.

Jamie Foxx

Will Smith

Tom Cruise (wk)

Ben Kingsley

Edward Norton

Denzel Washington

Michael Clarke Duncan



The big match commences tomorrow at the Cyber Oval in Blogtown, Twenty20 style, so stay tuned for the match report in the next few days. It’s going to be a long, hard battle with only one winner. Watch this space…

Who’s your money on and why?

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