What LilMissAshes Did Next: The Modern Woman’s Guide to a Long Winter Without Cricket

The cricket season is over. No more adventures to Cardiff this year to cheer on my Glamorgan Dragons. No more sitting in the stands and flicking my fork onto the outfield #forking (it was an accident!) No more banter with the fielders on the boundary and threatening to steal their hand-warmers. No more reading daily Nandos tweets. The cricket season is officially over.

Up until this summer, cricket had merely been a fun way to fill an afternoon, but this summer was different.

Promotion of my Point to Fine Leg eBook has seen me attend the majority of Glamorgan’s Twenty20, Pro40 and LVCC matches. I’ve been busy spreading the word of my eBook to all I’ve talked to. This includes chatting to spectators in the crowd, tweeting to
over 1000 Twitter followers (@LilMissAshes btw!), speaking to sports broadcasters on BBC Wales, BBC Essex and BBC London, trying my hand at cricket commentary on www.testmatchsofa.com and interviewing international cricketers on their thoughts about getting more women into cricket.

All in all it’s been a pretty successful summer for getting more women involved in the sport. In fact, if I’ve I managed to turn just 5
women into cricket fans then I consider that a job well done, I’m doing something right!

I’ve already began planning for next summer’s cricket season. You can look forward to “Cricket Girls on Tour” with myself and Abby O’Sullivan, my fellow Glamorgan fan and cricket ‘partner in crime.’ We plan to visit as many cricket grounds as possible, reporting on everything from the matches, the food, the people and just the downright craic! Expect cricket from a female’s perspective! It’s going to be interesting…

Girls on Tour: Myself and Abby

Until then however, I’ve got 6 months to fill. You can expect more fictitious, crazy match reports of The George Clooney XI, at least
until Movie Star Cricket takes off! You just know that there’s no way I can go 6 months without a single mention of cricket!

Football season is in the swing. Girls, even if you’re not majorly into this sport, it’s great to watch in the winter. The plan is, wrap
up warm, get some free tickets from a local footballer hottie, watch the match, then ice-skating in the Christmas Winter Wonderland Outdoor Rinks which most cities seem to have these days. A perfect little way to spend a Saturday night if you’re bored of the usual night on the town!

GLEE Season 3 is also starting so that takes care of a Thursday night. Is anyone else as hooked on this as I am? I did send an audition video to the website once, but I was too late. Not that I expected to win and get a part on the show but hey, a girl’s got to try! You only live once! Just trying to think of some more random things I can do!

X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing have started too. Not sure which one I prefer really. I think I prefer Strictly given that it’s usually packed with less cheese than the efforts of The X Factor. That, and the fact that they always seem to show the worst of the Wales auditions! LAND OF SONG we are people! Respect it!

I am vowing to do a least some of the things on my bucket list. On Saturday, I attempted the Bluepool Rock Jump. When I say attempted, I mean I climbed down a dodgy cliff to get to it but got hit by a hailstorm that looked like something out of The Day After Tomorrow so I chickened out. I am going to be more spontaneous though – I’ll put the pictures on here for evidence! Life is too short to spend it wondering which I have discovered of late.

I’m not giving up on this eBook promotion either. I will be trying to convince publishers that cricket is indeed on the rise and hopefully you’ll see my book on sale, hardback in a book store near you! Spread the word peeps! #goodpublicity

Another winter activity I’ve been thinking of is join an Amateur Dramatics Society. I am indeed a little drama queen anyway but watching The Rocky Horror Show this weekend has really put me in the mood! I love acting and singing but never really done anything past the odd acoustic gig in a bar. Maybe this winter I’ll discover my new hobby of channelling High School Musical…

Well, these are just a handful of the ways I’m going to spend my winter. If you can think of some more fun things for me to fill my
‘non-cricket season time’ then please, offer it up!

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