Zombies Stop Play Pt 1

Hi guys, LilMissAshes is BACK! I haven’t cricket-blogged for what feels like forever! I’m a busy lady you know, but that’s really no excuse to neglect my duty. I might have been offline but I promise you, I haven’t been logged out of the matrix entirely!

Some of you will be familiar with my eBook, “Point to Fine Leg – A Lady’s Guide to Cricket” but this time, I thought I’d try something a little different…

Over the next few months I’ll be switching FACT for FANTASY and delivering you a weekly instalment of my latest story (every Sunday), ZOMBIES STOP PLAY. Think Jack Bauer and 24 and then you’ll understand what I’m trying to achieve! I’ve always had a slight obsession with the idea of a zombie apocalypse so I’ve decided to mix it with the world’s best sport and this is what came out! So sit back, relax, but don’t get too comfortable… the cricket stadium is about to get messy… real messy!


Friday 13th June 2014
16:00, Swalec Stadium, Cardiff

The 7000-strong Glamorgan crowd waited with anticipation for Essex’s tall, powerhouse of an opening bowler, Tyrone Carter to send down a bullet of a first ball to their young and upcoming opening batsman, Joe King. The roar of the fans crescendoed as the bowler charged in from his mark and unleashed his first delivery. King somehow managed to clip the 90mph yorker leg side for a quick single and the much-anticipated, usually extremely heated 50-over match between these two teams had begun.

Joe’s Glamorgan teammates watched on from the balcony. Some would usually be in the nets practising at this point with others reading and messing around out-back but today, all the squad, apart from their opening batsmen were out on the balcony to watch Essex’s new, man-mountain of an oversees bowler they’d heard so much about.

Carter was back at his mark and all set to bowl his second delivery when something changed. He stood at his mark much longer than he would normally, just staring down at Joe’s teammate, Paul White who was waiting for his first delivery. White backed away from the wicket and gestured to Carter as if to say what are you waiting for? Even the umpire turned round, telling him to hurry up. The crowd fell silent as they tried to understand what was going on.

Carter continued to stare White down and then started to growl. The Essex captain, Chris Woods walked over to Carter to find out the reason for the delay but stopped 2 metres from his opening bowler. He picked up on Carter’s growl and saw his eyes giving off an eerie blood-red glow.

“Ty, you alright mate?” Carter quickly his stare from White to his captain, tilting his head slightly to the right. His nose started to bleed and the growling grew louder.

“Geez mate, what’s wrong with you?” Before Woods could turn to his balcony and call for the medic, Carter leapt at Woods and proceeded to sink his teeth into him. Woods tried to fight back but Carter was too strong. Both umpires and 5 of the Essex team ran over to intervene but it was too late. Joe, who quickly realised that both he and White were the only ones nearby with what could now be considered as weapons, took it upon himself to charge at Carter with his bat. He screamed to the fielders to get out of the way as he swung his bat at Carter’s legs, as if he was trying to slog his kneecaps for six. Carter’s gastronomic frame fell to the ground as the crowd let out a massive gasp. Screams started coming from pockets of people in the crowd, not just from what they had witnessed on the field but from what they were suffering in the stands. Whatever was happening to Carter, was happening sporadically to various spectators.

Captain Woods, who had been laying dead for a minute in a pool of blood during Joe’s counterattack on Carter, opened his now blood-red eyes and got to his feet. Two of his fielders ran over to help their captain who they thought had been killed, when Woods attacked the two, biting one on the forearm and the other in the neck. Within minutes, the two men had adopted the same blood-red eyes and desire for carnage as their captain and opening bowler and proceeded to attack the rest of the field.

Joe quickly realised that his efforts were pointless. The situation was hurtling out of control. Attacks were multiplying and so were the ‘infected.’ He would fend off one but more would keep coming.

By this point, the crowd were screaming with people fighting for their lives. At that point, they ran towards the pavilion and what they hoped would be the safety of the changing rooms. The world was going crazy and there was nothing they could do about it…

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