Zombies Stop Play Pt 3

Friday, 13th June 2014
17:00, Swalec Stadium, Cardiff

Roughly an hour had passed since Carter’s assault on his captain. Compared to the 7000 at the start, the ground was mostly empty apart from a few spectators randomly feasting on others. The odd entail flying into the sight screen…

Jackson and Mossy stood at the balcony watching the carnage as if they were watching a George A. Romero horror.
“What’s happening here bru?”Asked Mossy, turning to his best mate, who seemed to have grasped the situation much quicker that the others.
“No idea mate, no idea. This ever happen at Newlands?” Jackson asked his South African buddy.
“Can’t say that it has! This is like something out of a film!”

The two were disturbed by a loud cry from the changing room. Milo was shouting for his older brother.
“Jackson, Jackson! He’s awake!” Coach Simpson had awoken. His blood-red eyes looking up at Milo’s. His nose began to bleed which the Coach quickly stopped with a lick from his own tongue. Before Milo could get up and run, Coach Simpson grabbed him by the throat with an almost inhuman strength. His usual taste for tobacco had been substituted by young Welsh batsman blood.

Before he could do any real damage to Milo, Jackson and Mossy burst in along with a few others. They pulled Milo to safety and smashed poor Coach Simpson’s head in with a cricket bat. He moved no more. The men stood round him in disbelief at what they just did.
“I’m not gonna lie boyso, but I think we just killed the Coach, like.” Spin bowler Lee Davies was known for stating the obvious, hence his nickname ‘Obvious-Lee.’
“He wasn’t the Coach just then, he was one of them.” Replied Jackson, throwing his blood-smattered cricket bat to the floor next to him. ‘Once they’ve been bitten, they become Monsters, all of them.”
“More like zombies I’d say!” Added Mossy.
“But what I don’t get is why it only happened to some people and not everybody.” Said Obvious-Lee, kicking the Coach’ making sure he was still dead.
“Dunno boy.” Replied Jackson. Jackson quickly remembered that the England – Australia 1st Ashes test had been playing live on the TV in the other room. “We need to check if it’s everywhere!” He ran into the other room, followed by his team who clearly appreciated someone to look up to in the absence of their coach. The TV was nothing but a black screen with an apology from Sky Sports scrolling along the bottom.

The first Ashes Test is temporarily unavailable, turn to SKY News 24 for more information

Jackson changed the channel to the news and the boys stood staring at the screen in disbelief. A clearly flustered and nervous-sounding SKY Anchorman spoke.

…No one is able to explain as of yet why exactly this is happening and why it is so selective. Scientists are calling it a virus but tests are yet to produce any conclusive results. The Prime Minister has issued a statement asking the British public to stay indoors and make no attempt to travel. The streets are currently unsafe and all the affected are considered to be highly dangerous. Do not approach.

That moment, the screen went blank with a ‘Technical Difficulties’ signs rolling across the screen. Jackson reached for the TV and turned it off. Things were about to get a whole lot worse…

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