Zombies Stop Play Pt 4

Friday, 13th June 2014

17:30, Swalec Stadium, Cardiff

The remaining Glamorgan team were silenced by what they saw. All but Jackson.

“Right, we need to think fast. Are we going to stay in here or are we going to try and get the hell out of this place? Either way we need to decide now.”
About five different answers came at once from his teammates. Jackson struggled to decipher each suggestion. The majority seemed to want to leave to get to their families but Mossy had other ideas.
“Are you boys crazy?” Yelled Mossy. “You all saw what one bite from the things can do! If we leave this room now, we won’t last five minutes!” Obvious-Lee picked up his shiny new Woodworm bat from the floor and took a few hard swipes at the air.
“You clearly haven’t seen me in the nets lately, bud! If these are zombies, I’ll take three heads off with one swing!” Jackson admired Lee’s spirit, but his confidence was severely misplaced.
“Come on boys, let’s be a little bit realistic shall we? You all saw how many strong men Tyrone Carter took out at the start. I know he’s a big, strong lad anyway but you can see what this disease does to people. They become faster and stronger… and for some weird reason develop a taste for people!” Tyrone couldn’t believe what he was actually saying to his team that he knew it needed to be said.
“I’m with Jackson on this one boys.” Added Mossy, putting a hand on his best friend’s shoulder. “The door to our changing room is pretty thick and we can use our bats as weapons.” Bridgey quietly put his hand up.
“You don’t need to put your hand up mate, this isn’t school!” Laughed Jackson. Bridgey was the number 3 batsman for Glamorgan. He was quiet but brilliant, and a little bit of an academic genius, forever trying to shake off the nickname Ceefax.
“Anyone know if any of the Essex Camp in the changing room right next to ours are OK? I mean, did anybody see them on the balcony?” Jackson looked at Mossy. Bridgey had made an excellent point. They may be safe now, but they shared balconies, with only a small fence to separate them.
“Everybody shut up!” Jackson whispered. “If any of the Essex lot ‘turned’ in there and hear us in here, they could come for us. We need to do some reccy. Mossy, Milo, come with me, and grab a bat.
“You can borrow my Dad’s shotgun if you want?” The whole team glared at Bridgey in disbelief.
“Shotgun! What the hell are you on about Ceefax?” Asked Jackson, walking over to a shifty looking Bridgey.
“It’s my dad’s. We went shooting yesterday up the valley and I put it in my kit bag. I’ve just forgotten to take it out. I’m not a weirdo, honest!” Bridgey pulled the shot gun from out of his bag and went to hand it to Jackson. “Do you know how to use it?”
“I’m from the valleys, of course I do!” Replied Jackson with a smile. “But I’m not gonna be the one using it. You can come with us.” Bridgey’s face dropped. I’m the brains, not the braun! He muttered to himself under his breath as the walked towards the balcony.
“The rest of you stay in here, grab any bats, stumps, anything that you can use as a weapon.” Added Mossy, following Jackson, Milo and Bridgey to the balcony.

Jackson arrived at the balcony door first, which was still open. He was about to cast a glance round the frame when he heard a loud bang on the deck about 5 feet away from him…

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