A LilMissAshes Musical Venture: StatusTwo

With cricket and sport playing a massive part in my life over the past ten years, 2016 was an epic year of MUSIC for me. It began with a decision of mine to audition for a local Musical Theatre company, subsequently securing a lead role and starring in New Direction’s Theatrical Society’s ‘Rock of Ages’ in Y Ffwrnes Theatre, Llanelli in September 2016.


Having not performed in musical theatre since my teenage years, it was a massive step for me but nothing was going to stop me. Sometimes you just have to stop saying “I’ve always wanted to…” and start saying “I’m going to…”



Gaining more confidence, learning more about my own resilience and strength of character and most of all, meeting new friends was a massive part of why this journey was so special. I certainly recommend it to anyone who’s ever wondered what it would be like to be on stage.




Something else that came out of my Musical Theatre journey, and he’ll probably be devastated that he did not get a blog of his own dedicated to him, was meeting my boyfriend Andrew. Andrew, the most talented musician I know with the most devastatingly spectacular piano skills, (yes I’m biased but ask anyone who’s met him!) was the Musical Director for the show and last year I had the privilege of getting to know him, and well, the rest is history.


This led on to Andrew and I starting our band, StatusTwo.




“An eclectic yet unique Welsh vocal and piano duo serving you up ambitious and complex covers and mash-ups, elegantly garnished with hypnotising style, uplifting harmonies and piano that seeps into your soul!”

Performances in the latter half of 2016 include local television appearances, radio shows, private parties, music festivals and providing entertainment during the Cardiff Half Marathon. Our repertoire includes music for all ages across genres such as pop, jazz, rock, easy-listening, musical theatre and covering artists including Queen, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Bruno Mars and Adele amongst many more.

Imagine doing a hobby with your best friend and soulmate? Seriously, this is what life is like right now, and I LOVE IT!




Thought I’d take this opportunity to give us some publicity. Our performance diary is gradually filling up with festivals, cafe/bar performances and weddings but we welcome a lot more so please feel free to listen to our most recent recording, “Make You Feel My Love” by clicking on https://soundcloud.com/status-two-952030585 and send any enquiries to statustwomusic@gmail.com.

Check out our website for more details!


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